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Kids with Capes

For intermediate to native English speakers in Paris

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Paris Improv for Kids

is an afternoon activity for English speaking children in Paris. The students will participate in improv and theater games while building communication skills, creativity, and self-expression. In addition they will develop public speaking skills, self-confidence, and increase spontaneity while having fun. Theater is an excellent way to discuss any topic and can be used alongside just about any subject. The program incorporates SEL (Social Emotional Learning) which is being integrated in many national curriculums around the world. The students will have a safe environment to explore a variety of skills while engaging in activities with others.

 Angelica Brewis, the founder,

is a native English speaker from Canada who has lived in six countries throughout her life. She is currently an elementary school teacher in Paris who recently completed her MEd in Developmental Psychology in Education. She has over seven years of teaching experience and has been working at a private bilingual school in Paris since her arrival in France. Angelica has a passion for child psychology and finding innovative ways to engage children and enhance their learning. 

Example of kids Improv performance

Second City's students explain their favorite improv games

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